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Our History

Having been inspired Karen Tyrrell's Logan Writers Week and all of the surrounding festivals. The Chamber of Commerce and the Logan Writers Festival director, Rhiannon, are passionate about elevating the capabilities, creative confidence and community appreciation for the various literary professionals in Logan. It is our belief that with consistency and community support, the Logan writers will thrive. The Logan City Council, local schools and Logan Libraries are some of the most enthusiastic supporters for the writing community and their creative pursuits.

2021 Logan's first Writers Festival

Our amazing Previous Speakers

The Craft & Business of Writing

N Passmore

Nola Lorraine -  Friday 10th

Topic: Seeing Setting and Description Through the Eyes of Your Characters
Setting and description involve more than snazzy adjectives and metaphors. You have to show those settings through your characters’ perspectives. What are they seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching? This talk will include lots of tips and examples to help you craft sizzling stories that leap from the page.

F Long

Emily Cooney -  Friday 10th

Topic: First draft to second draft - How I use Trello to help me plot
Have you ever pulled a first draft out of the drawer and shouted "Who wrote this rubbish! Oh yeah, I did." So how do you get Hemingway's proverbial to second draft stage? Come along to the Logan Writers Festival and unlock the power of Trello to help you plot like a supervillain.

C Terelst

Cynthia Terelst - Friday 10th

Topic: The Importance of Opening Chapters
The opening chapter can make or break a book. This presentation will discuss what an opening chapter needs to achieve by examining six critical aspects. Let’s get those readers hooked.

T East

Tara East - Friday 10th

Topic: Follow Through
How to complete a long-term writing project after your initial motivation and inspiration have disappeared. For writers, habit is more reliable than the muse.

S King

Stacey King - Friday 10th

Topic: Don’t talk about it, just do it ... The First Chapter!
Have you got a story to tell and a book that needs to be written? Are you wondering how to go about it? How do you turn your ideas into words that become a great storyline and end up a well-crafted book? A Beat Sheet is where I begin. Let me show you how.

V Bennett

Vicki Bennett - Saturday 11th

Topic: Whole Brain Writing for Success
Whole brain writing fuels big ideas and challenges the way you think and write. It is the key to thriving as a writer. Discover no-limit thinking, failing successfully, creative problem solving, and learn the 5 steps to reboot your creative writing.

C Innes

Christine Innes - Saturday 11th

Topic: The Power of Owning Your Own Story
In a past life I was a corporate queen, earning the big bucks & working my way up that ladder. From the outside, I had it all, but I felt completely dead inside. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I really discovered what was missing from my life. I realised I had no idea who I was.

C Fitzpatrick

Claire Fitzpatrick - Saturday 11th

Topic: Writing Non-Fiction and Memoir
How to turn your own experiences and research into compelling non-fiction narrative. From writing your own memory and experience, reflect on a subject important to you, explore a story, or capture the essence of a place, this talk will give you the practical guidance you need to get started!

Tracy Tully Speaker

Tracy Tully - Saturday 11th

Topic: Release the Brakes STOP Resisting Change
Tracy Tully is an international award-winning speaker, whistle blower and author of FEARless Buckle Up … Build RESILIENCE.
If you feel like you’re travelling in circles on the roundabout of life, then you probably want to know what’s draining your: money, energy, time and motivation.
Tracy will show you how to release the courage in yourself to be FEARless.
Discover her 3 STEP ART of Opportunity, a system designed to help strengthen ourselves and make the most of impossible situations.

L Owens

Leanne Owens - Saturday 11th

Topic: Writing for a Retirement Income
Self-publishing can provide an excellent retirement income (or income at any age) if you have good writing skills and follow the proven steps to success. Leanne is self-funding her retirement with her popular novels, and she outlines the key points you need to know if you want to be a self-published author earning $50k a year or more.

B Paroz

Becky Paroz - Saturday 11th


Topic: Pros and Cons of Anthology Contribution
A discussion on why anthology contributions may not be for you, but equally may be an excellent opportunity to begin your writing journey. A realistic look at the benefits and downfalls of writing for anthologies collections from an author who has over a dozen successful submissions to her name.

The Story Behind the Story Marquee (10th & 11th of September)


This marquee is for the talks about the story behind your books. Your inspiration, the process, trials and tribulations. All of these lessons when shared help build the experience of your writing community. It also brings your readers together to celebrate your accomplishments and feel a stronger connection to your work.
B Topan

Belinda Topan - Friday 10th

Topic: Logan Vampire Author: Welcome to my TED Talk
Belinda offers an inspiring talk to younger authors about how there are many ways to learn, to never stop learning, and what her experiences were like growing up in a environment that didn't support her passions. Her lessons in life have shown that the most important thing is to never give up.

S Jagannath

Susan Jagannath- Friday 10th

Topic: Walking to Bestseller
In Logan, almost every " walk in the park" is more than that. In my quest for fitness at fifty, I decided to walk 10,000 steps a day. But the parks and forests of Logan lured me on to ever longer walks, and eventually, to long distance hikes all over the world. Three of those hikes turned into travel bestsellers. If you can take one step at a time, you can write a bestselling book on Amazon.

C Clements

Chandra Clements - Friday 10th

Topic: Reaching and Supporting the Child Mind Through Books
A fascinating talk about reaching and supporting the child mind. Chandra's books have done well as they come from a place of children speaking to children through story.

G Wells

Gillian Wells - Friday 10th

Topic: Finding Inspiration
Gillian gives an inspiring insight into where her inspiration came from, where it continues to come from, and how she has grown through the process of publishing her books.

G Maybury

 Ged Maybury - Friday 10th

Topic: "Where Do Your Ideas Come From?"
A Comedy Show, hiding a secret dose of really useful insights.

T Carpenter

Trish Carpenter - Saturday 11th

Topic: Memory, Legacy, Love Stories
Memory, Legacy, Love Stories can offer so many things. A chance to heal, to understand, to be moved, to hold memories, to help the unprepared. Trish Carpenter will talk about her journey of authoring the personal story of her courageous son Thomas, a 7-year old shining boy who battled brain cancer.

Logan Writers' Festival pic

Sue Doumany - Saturday 11th

Topic: Let's Talk Crime
Sue talks about her contemporary crime novel set in Logan City, and shares the stage with Logan-based audio producer, Simone Feiler, to discuss the process of writing/recording a novel in a world where the audiobook is becoming a popular medium for time-poor, modern readers.

S Smith

Sue Smith - Saturday 11th

Topic: Positively Pleasant Poetry
I’m Sue, I write bush poetry styled poems. I will share lessons learnt  over 20 years, encouraging budding poets to have a go. Being disabled, there have been challenges but determination and a positive attitude have enabled me to get where I am. Hopefully, other disabled people will become inspired.

A Strachan

Ali Strachan - Saturday 11th

Topic: Building connected communities with art, culture and creative storytelling
In our modern pandemic world, we have an opportunity to reimagine the way we connect with each other. Arts advocate, Ali Strachan shares how we can find connection through cultural transformation, at a grass-roots level.

E Shaw

Edwina Shaw - 2:00pm Saturday 11th

Topic: Out of Your Head, Onto the Page
Got a head full of stories desperate to be told? But how? Where do you start? Join author and writing teacher Edwina Shaw to devise a plan to get those stories out of your head and onto the page.

Author Profile

Rhiannon D. Elton - Saturday 11th

Topic: Dispelling the Illusion of Self Publishing
Rhiannon's journey into the self publishing world was like stepping into an old fairy tale. Disney didn't prepare her for the dangers, trickery and adventure that lined the yellow brick road to being an independent author. Now she has a map she made herself and wishes to pass it on to you.