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The Logan Writers Festival is an annual two day festival celebrating the literary arts and writers in Logan. During the festival we bring readers and writers together to strengthen the community and share our love of the creative word. Readers are given a chance to find their new favourite Logan authors, while also seeing what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to writing their beloved stories. Writers are able to network, grow their readership and learn about the up and coming industry trends, while also being given a chance to sell their novels.


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Logan West Community Centre



24-25 May 2024

The best place for Logans readers to find their new favourite authors.

There is an exponential amount of literary talent in the city of Logan. This festival is one of the best places for writers and readers to meet, share their love of writing, and connect with the incredible community we have in this diverse city.

Stories are one of the most ancient forms of communication, history and connectedness, and over 70% of Australian’s say it is their favourite form of entertainment. Come and support your favourite authors to continue to give you the stories you love.

Our literary community in Logan aim to discover the best ways to reach readers. By building stronger communities with our local libraries, government, industry leaders, readers and writers, we aim to make the “starving artist” a myth in Logan.

Through the deep expression that the art of literature lends us, our goal is to strive to create a community of authentic writers living the life they dream of. It is also our aim for our readers to have a large variety of local stories to fall in love with and celebrate with their family and friends.

Stay inspired, keep up to date, and become part of the thriving writing community in Logan today!

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