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About the Festival


The Logan Writers Festival is an annual two day festival celebrating the literary arts and writers in Logan. During the festival we bring readers and writers together to strengthen the community and share our love of the creative word. Readers are given a chance to find their new favourite Logan authors, while also seeing what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to writing their beloved stories. Writers are able to network, grow their readership and learn about the up and coming industry trends, while also being given a chance to sell their novels.

Through the assistance of our volunteer team we aim to give the readers and writers in Logan an enchanting experience that makes them excited for the next chapter.

Meet The Team

Arts Champion Organiser


IMAGE (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

Rhiannon is a lady who walks betwixt fantasy and reality. She always dreamed the world could be a better place. Raised by a fairy, taught by wizards and bullied by goblins and trolls, she soon learned that magic was everywhere in life and all you needed to do to find it was simply look. Within those lessons, she also learned that magic created the power to achieve your greatest dreams if you only practiced wielding it.

From her earliest years she remembers writing stories with her friends and dreaming of having her work published. As she grew older she realised that she had the power to do so at the end of her wand (aka: keyboard).

She dreams today of eventually developing Puinteyle, Lencial and Cuerul into various forms of games, be it Roleplay, Computer or Board games, as well as publishing as many works as she can before the last story leaves her dreaming mind. All she wants to do with her stories is to show that goodness, kindness and love always win… even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Social Media Organiser

Image 3 - Belinda Topin Photo Credit - Simone Gorman-Clark

IMAGE (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

From a young age, Belinda has always had a vivid imagination, going off on grand adventures, saving the day, and becoming the hero she has always wanted to be. Growing older, Belinda started writing, unable to find a stable story idea and my new found love for Buffy, it took a year before a simple sentence popped into her head and thus a story had finally begun.

Vampires have always been Belinda's obsession, before the craze known as twilight. With her love of vampires, music has been some odd kind of muse for me, listening to a particular song seems to set the scene just right. some songs have created spectacular fight scenes, while others have helped Belinda write the portrayal of characters emotions, and some even help get past those pesky writer's blocks

Slowly releasing book after book, excitedly showing her stories to the world.

So please lend your eyes, open your hearts and slowly immerse yourself in Belinda's bizarre little world,

Communication Liason

Pic of Bek

With thirty years in the construction industry, Becky Paroz has demonstrated her unique leadership abilities on some of the most demanding projects in Australia. As a successful Engineer and industry-leading Project Manager, Becky has been and continues to be a much-requested speaker at state and national industry conferences.  She is motivated to pass on her lessons learnt to assist and educate the next generation of leaders to become high achievers like herself.  She provides professional and experienced coaching and mentoring to select clients.

She shares her knowledge through a variety of writing projects.  She is writing for 3 different business magazines this year, she also writes regular blog articles and offers technical writing as part of her day job.

Becky’s anthology contributions speak significantly on her experience, and offers insights into leadership, confidence, overcoming adversity, and dealing with Imposter Syndrome.  Her self published book is a collection of her works to date.

Becky offers training in how to self publish, allowing authors to have a more autonomous journey to publication while learning skills that set them up to share their area of expertise with the wider community.


During the festival you'll see writers stalls filled with all of their books. You'll get the chance to talk with other readers and writers about your favourite books and find new ones to delve into.

Our two marquees are set up to to give you the talks you've been excited about. One marquee for the story behind your favourite stories, and the other showing you how authors operate in their craft and business.

Two casual circles will be ready for you to listen to poetry recitals and first chapter readings, sharing them with a safe group and enthralling onlookers. You can bring your own ready to share your own writing.

Enjoy a bite to eat, some great music and a flip through the first chapter of your new book while you make new book loving friends.


The Logan Writers Festival always aims to grow the creative confidence, capabilities and community appreciation for the literary professionals in Logan. It is our position that while pursuing your calling as a writer you are operating your own business and it is our goal to help give you the skills to live the life you dream of.


Community, Creativity, Opportunity, Effectiveness, Education, & Diversity


The health and safety of our staff, audience and artists is important to us. The Logan Writers Festival’s venue has implemented safety measures in line with recommendations from the Australian Government’s Department of Health and QLD government.

We are committed to ensuring safe physical distancing by using separate entrances and exits, ensuring visitor traffic only moves in one direction within each venue, and limiting the number of tickets. Venues have increased on-site cleaning to help protect the community.

Please help us to keep our community safe

  • Keeping a 1.5 metre distance helps protect everyone.
  • Remember to wash your hands regularly to protect yourself and others.
  • If you feel unwell, please postpone your visit.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at all stalls.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Logan Writers' Festival acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which our events take place. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past, present, and up coming.


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