Logan Writers Festival 2023

You’ve seen her, you may have been interviewed by her, and now she’s going to help you map Logan’s Writers journey to publishing and beyond!

Rhiannon isn’t just a fantasy detective author. She’s also the Secretary and Arts Champion for the Logan Chamber of Commerce, as well as the organiser for the Logan Writers Festival. She grew up in housing commission with her single mother, but no matter the hardship, they always strove for excellence. While being the oddball goblin she was during highschool, Rhiannon escaped into her reading and writing to stay safe from the trolls and bullies, creating the magical world of Puinteyle. The land that became the “green mirror” of our own world continues to grow right up to this very day, with new mythology, legends, magic and cultures developing to show the harmony that is available for us all. Her book series, The Wolflock Cases, is her homage to Sherlock Holmes and Middle Earth, taking the reader on a fun adventure filled with magic and mystery. Her books are you’ll escape into and not want to come back from. Rhiannon is available for podcasts, interviews, and presentations combining her love of writing and business, as well as always fighting for the underdog to be seen.

2023 Logan Writers Festival Adjudicator

There is always a way – a saying to use whenever necessary.

After deciding to pursue her life’s dream of being a full time writer, Rhiannon found that Logan was brimming with incredible, but unrecognised writers. Seeing that Brisbane, the Gold Coast and other surrounding areas had thriving literary scenes, she knew Logan had the potential to do the same. She became the Arts Champion for the Logan Chamber of Commerce and created the Logan Writers Festival in 2021. Now 3 years on it is running successfully, building a name, and supporting the literary community more and more every year.

The aim of the festival has been, and always will be, to grow the City of Logan to the place for authors of all walks to come to and know that by being here, they will find the success they dream of.

Whether it is for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogs or scripts, your insight into the writing sphere is unique and many authors and budding writers would love to hear from you.

Cynthia Terelst is an Australian author based in regional Queensland, where the sun shines 283 days a year. She is a document controls manager by day and a writer by night. She is a contemporary romance writer who likes to share a little bit of history, some Australian scenery and a whole lotta love. Cynthia does not shy away from difficult topics, as she feels that they should not be ignored. Cynthia has published six books in her Love Down Under Series. She refers to her writing style as heat with heart. Her first novels are highly regarded with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Her stories will leave you feeling warm and hopeful.

Friday the 10th, 10:00am

Positive Changes In Your Writing

How writing skills change over time for the better.

Sponsored by Clark & Mackay


Illustrator Panel
Friday the 10th, 11:00am

Learn What It Takes To Follow the Path of an Illustrator!

Bring your characters to life through the art of illustration, learn to craft compelling characters and master the art of structuring comic pages, while exploring the intricacies of world building and backgrounds. Discover the secrets behind finding your unique art style and become a skilled illustrator.

Emma Hay has always been a passionate storyteller her whole life. As the eldest of three sisters, Emma often told whimsical bedtime stories exploring the secret worlds of the small creatures living in the garden. During high school, she participated in every possible creative endeavor offered by the school’s curriculum, including script writing, acting, photography, painting, filmmaking and much more! This love for telling stories through multiple mediums led her to earn a degree in Animation and to later work in children’s animated and gaming media for several years. Through her eventual creative work within her own small freelance business, Little Boat Media, Emma stumbled across the wonderful world of children’s book illustrations and instantly fell in love with working in the book world. She has now had exciting opportunity to work on 10 beautiful children’s books as the illustrator, with the awesome Aussie Indie Publisher, Platyime Books. One of these publications, ‘The Three Little Dewdrops’, was excitingly her first adventure as both the Author and Illustrator on the same title

On my dad’s side I am from the Arrernte and Anmatyerre Lands of central Australia. My mum was born in Scotland. I wrote the first volume in my graphic novel series, ‘Mixed Feelings’ to show the diversity of stories that make up my hometown, Alice Springs, Mparntwe. Writing graphic novels allows me to create different worlds through my imagination. I am passionate about inspiring people to tell their stories.

Ronelle Reid is a contemporary wildlife artist who lives and works on a property in Logan. She has been fascinated with nature from a young age and found her passion for wildlife after working for many years in Animal Welfare.She has been the artist in residence for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Save the Bilby Fund in Queensland, Devils@Cradle in Tasmania and Remember the Wild in Victoria.  Her work has been included in the John Villiers Outback Artprize, The Gallipoli Art Prize, Clayton Utz Art Prize, and is held in collections in The USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia Her style is a combination of colourful, naturalist work, with quirky compositions that pair species that don’t coexist or share habitats. In doing so, she draws attention to the interconnectedness between species and invites viewers to see how they are being forced to adapt in rapidly changing ecosystems or risk extinction.

Craig is a cybersecurity engineer and ethical hacker. He has a Master’s in Management (Information Technology) and a Master’s in Information Systems Security from Charles Sturt University. He was awarded the AISA (Australian Information Security Associated) Cyber security professional of the year in 2020. Craig joined the AISA Queensland committee in 2020 before being elected the AISA QLD branch Chair in June 2021 where he remained until January 2023, before being appointed to the AISA board of directors in January 2023. Craig is a regular columnist for “Women in Security” Magazine and has contributed to the project since its inception in early 2021. He is also a regular contributor to the Top Cyber News, Cyber Today, Cyber Australia and the Careers with STEM magazines. Craig has two previous books A Hacker, I Am and A Hacker, I Am – Vol 2 which were self-published. These are cybersecurity awareness books that try and help educate everyone on how to be safer in this connected world. Craig also has the first book in this series Foresight which has been published through Shawline and an upcoming children’s cyber awareness book that he co-authored with Caity Randall called The Shadow World.

Friday the 10th, 12:00Pm

Using the art of storytelling to educate a generation

How to use the art of storytelling to firstly educate a generation on how to be safer online but also how we can use it to change the minds of young women about cyber not being a career for them.

Sponsored by Clark & Mackay

My author name is Tracey Alley and I have published three fantasy novels in a series called The Witchcraft Wars through Amazon’s KDP service. I also published an anthology of short stories relating to characters in The Witchcraft Wars novels. I’ve sold several thousand copies and I’m currently working on a follow-up series also set in Kaynos. I’ve had many five star reviews with several complimenting the depth of information in creating the world of Kaynos. I feel certain that I could provide an interesting, informative presentation on the subject of world building and self publishing

Friday the 10th, 1:00Pm

World Building For Fantasy Fiction

The importance and methods Tracey used in creating the fantasy world of Kaynos, and how you can use them to create your own fantasy world.

Whether it is for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogs or scripts, your insight into the writing sphere is unique and many authors and budding writers would love to hear from you.

Claire Fitzpatrick is an award-winning author of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. She is the 2020 recipient of the Rocky Wood Memorial scholarship fund for her non-fiction anthology ‘A Vindication Of Monsters’ Essays on Mary Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft’ (to be published by IFWG Publishing in September 2023) and the winner of the 2017 Rocky Wood Award for Non-Fiction and Criticism for ‘The Body Horror Book’. She was recently nominated for the 2022 William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review. Her 2019 debut collection ‘Metamorphosis’ (IFWG Publishing) was received with praise. She has been a panelist at various conventions and is currently completing her masters. Claire lives with her husband, daughter, two cats, and five chickens in Logan. Despite being in her 30’s, she still can’t do long-division or work out percentages. She’s currently collaborating with author JA Henderson writing children’s horror.

Jan-Andrew Henderson (J. A. Henderson) is an award winning author of 38 books. They include adult and YA thrillers, children and teen novels and non-fiction. His thrillers have been shortlisted for 15 literary awards and he is the winner of the Doncaster Book Prize, the Aurealis Award and the Royal Mail Award – Britain’s biggest children’s book prize. Both his YA and adult novels are characterised by twisting, original plots, laced with dark humour. He is a member of the UK and Australian Society of Authors, is a professional member of the Institute of Professional Editors, a manuscript assessor and industry mentor for the Queensland Writer’s Centre, a mentor for the Horror Writers Association, an ambassador for Australia Reads, a convenor for the Aurealis Awards and a peer assessor for the Australian Council For the Arts.

Saturday the 10th, 10:00Am

Writing For Children

Jan-Andrew and Claire will explore in ins and outs of writing short fiction for kids, especially within genre fiction.

Publishing Panel
Saturday the 10th, 11:00Am

Join the Publishing Panel to learn the actions that lead to self-publishing success and gain insights into the essential building blocks of the publishing process. Explore distribution strategies, basic marketing techniques, and multiple pathways to publishing, while finding clarity in your pursuit of getting published and discovering how anyone can achieve book deals in today’s modern era.

KAREN TYRRELL is Logan’s award-winning child-empowerment author, Ambassador for Children’s Rights and Ambassador for Reading. She published #14 books, two commissioned by major organizations. She’s a key-note speaker, who won the Jude Bugeja award, a mentorship with the Society of Editors plus #7 government grants. Karen presents engaging, interactive inspirational talks, empowering kids and adults to live STRONG through humour and self-belief. As a survivor of bullying, Karen shares bully prevention, resilience, self-care and coping skills at teacher’s conferences, schools, libraries and festivals. In 2022, GHOST BOY won ‘Highly Commended’ in the CYA Writing Competition and shortlisted in SCBWI’ Larrikin House graphic novel competition. In Book Week, Karen toured #12 Outback Schools as AUTHOR IN RESIDENCE. Karen speaks at Queensland Writers Centre, Brisbane City Council, Logan City Libraries, Gold Coast Libraries, Moreton Bay Writers Festival, Word Fest Toowoomba, Capricon Festival. Karen speaks on radio and TV.

I have been writing for 30 years and I have just published my 20th title. I recently began my own publishing company and partnered with a US company. Together, we distribute globally. I have had quite a few signings in New York, Chicago, and right here in Brisbane. I will be attending a signing at 20booksVegas in Las Vegas November 2023. I have three book deals, and also wrote a book about all I do, which helps others achieve the same. OPSM (ebook focus), Dymocks, Ingram and many more companies were involved and are in the book and Westfield announced it. And I recently won an achievement award at Government House for the work I do with publishing people with disabilities. I love to share knowledge and help others. I hope to get the chance to inspire others with insight into my journey, to ultimately help theirs.

Kathy Shanks is a multi-talented graphic designer, book publisher, and author with a passion for helping others achieve their publishing dreams. With over 21 years of self-employment, Kathy has established herself as a figure in the world of independent publishing. As a mother of two and happily married, Kathy understands the importance of balancing work and family life. Her commitment to her craft and dedication to her clients is evident in her extensive portfolio of work, which includes over 12 books authored under her name. Kathy’s expertise doesn’t stop at writing and designing though. She has also helped numerous authors self-publish their work, from final manuscript edits through to optimising their Amazon presence. She loves creating journals and anthologies, and her passion for publishing shines through in all of her projects. If you’re looking for a skilled and dedicated publishing professional to help bring your vision to life, Kathy Shanks is the perfect partner for your journey.

Kylie Fennell has made a 25-year career out of wrangling words, working as a journalist, marketing manager and author of speculative fiction. She is the author of The Kyprian Prophecy series and several other works, and owns the publishing imprint Lorikeet Ink. As an Australian writer of European and Aboriginal (Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung) descent she likes to explore culture and identity through her writing, as well as magic always magic! She has been published in several anthologies including Aussie Speculative Fiction’s Survival anthology, as well as First People’s Shared Stories. Her creative writing has been recognised via several awards including the Long Way Home (shortlisted 2019 & 2020) Queensland Writers Centre Flash Fiction (winner 2019 and 2020), and Australian Writers Centre Furious Fiction (shortlisted out of 1300 entries), as well as second in GenreCon’s short story competition 2019. She has been longlisted in QWC’s Adaptable competition in 2021 and 2023.

“As an editor, my role involves guidance, encouragement, suggestions and advice about effectiveness in writing; a bridge between author, publisher and readers.I work in structural as well as copyediting.
I’m hands-on, working to understand each author’s wishes and mindset, as well as their drive in writing. I keep the end result in mind — a manuscript to interest a publisher and appeal to readers. Each editing commission gets my focused attention.
Authors have described my editing in terms such as “Ian’s editing enabled me to sharpen the language and plot”, “Opened my eyes” and “Perceptive and enthusiastic, as well as skilled”.
I bring extensive experience to my work. I’ve edited general and Australian bush fiction, thriller, family history, memoir, self-help, illustrated childrens’, and military history genres. I’ve written seven books; on leadership, self-help, and memoir. I’ve contributed short fiction to anthologies and judged short story competitions.
I’m a professional-level member of the Institute of Professional Editors ANZ.”

Saturday the 10th, 12:00pm

What writers will need to know about editing and editors for all types of novels.


Demystify editing so you know how to tackle your manuscript and turn it into a polished gem.
Demystify editors.and take away the fear of not knowing how to approach a professional editor.
Ian will provide an abundance of guidance for writers about self-editing and how to make your manuscript shine.

Mystery Panel
Saturday the 10th, 1:00pm

Uncover the mysteries of storytelling at the Mystery Panel as we explore the truth-fiction dynamic and the art of crafting enthralling tales. Learn to weave personal experiences into your writing, develop compelling murder plots, challenge police stereotypes, and examine powerful characters in crime fiction.

I have been writing for 30 years and I have just published my 20th title. I recently began my own publishing company and partnered with a US company. Together, we distribute globally. I have had quite a few signings in New York, Chicago, and right here in Brisbane. I will be attending a signing at 20booksVegas in Las Vegas November 2023. I have three book deals, and also wrote a book about all I do, which helps others achieve the same. OPSM (ebook focus), Dymocks, Ingram and many more companies were involved and are in the book and Westfield announced it. And I recently won an achievement award at Government House for the work I do with publishing people with disabilities. I love to share knowledge and help others. I hope to get the chance to inspire others with insight into my journey, to ultimately help theirs.

Megan Norris is a UK-trained journalist and award-winning true crime author who has covered some of Australia’s most notorious crimes for national and international media. Her first book, Perfect Victim, published by Penguin and co-authored with author, Elizabeth Southall, is now a movie starring Sam Neill, Miranda Otto, and Guy Pearce – while her exploration of revenge killings during marital breakdown – Look What You Made Me Do by Five Mile Press – won the 2017 Australian Sisters in Crime Davitt Award for best non-fiction. Megan is a former winner of the EVA (Eliminating Violence Against Women) Awards for best national magazine feature, and through her work has become a vocal advocate for women and children who are victims of family violence, or survivors of violent crime. Megan has appeared on Foxtel’s Crimes That Shook Australia, Seven’s Sunday Night with Derryn Hinch and Ten’s the Project. She is a regular guest on Mishel Laurie and Emily’s Webb’s True Crime Australia Podcast, Mama Mia’s True Crime Podcast with Gemma Bath, and the ABC’s Nightlife show. Her last book, Out of the Ashes (Big Sky Publishing) about Bali Burns survivor Therese Fox, was featured on 60 Minutes and in the Australian Women’s Weekly, where Megan is a regular crime contributor. The Messiah’s Bride is Megan’s eighth book and is due for release by Penguin Random House on 14 th February. Megan writes news stories and books from her ironing board on the Gold Coast with two dogs snoring at her back.

Karen is a medical anthropologist who lives on North Stradbroke Island and is working on a murder mystery series set in Queensland in the 1880s, involving an eager young doctor, Hamish Hart. Murder at the Dunwich Asylum was published in December 2020 and Plantation Murders in March 2022. Dr Karen Thurecht PhD has a lifelong interest in cultural belief systems relating to health and medicine. She has taught cultural history at the University of Queensland Medical School and Griffith University Medical School, and has supervised Masters and PhD students in Public Health across the country.

Overcoming Adversity Through Writing Panel
Saturday the 10th, 2:00pm

Gain valuable insights on finding your authorial voice, building a supportive network, making publication decisions, structuring your writing schedule, managing mental health, and finding courage to tackle sensitive topics. Discover inspiration for reinvention and learn to keep moving forward on your writing journey, even in the face of potential danger.

Dr Deborah Mulligan completed her doctoral thesis about older men and suicide ideation in 2018. Since then she has co-edited and individually contributed to five academic books published by Palgrave Macmillan and Routledge, as well as a sole authored book published by Palgrave Macmillan which is based on her thesis findings. Deborah is currently an Honorary Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Southern Queensland. She has spoken at numerous academic gatherings such as conferences, symposia and workshops; as well as being invited to speak at local writers’ groups and other community groups. Her work is cited in a range of published material such as books and journal articles. Deborah’s topic interests include examining the issues faced by older women in the community, grief and bereavement in motherhood, gendered suicide ideation, and community capacity building. She is also interested in the application of ethics when conducting research with marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Karen Farrell has 30 years of experience as a communications specialist, commissioned writer, and editor. Over the course of her career, she has been responsible for publicising some of entertainment and media’s most prominent national and international identities. Karen also has a background as an actress. In her debut novel, A Stella Is Born, she draws on her acting experience to immerse readers in actress Stella Longhurst’s dream to resurrect a failed acting career. A Stella Is Born is a story of courage: it’s confronting old pain; it’s reinvention after adversity. It is a story about conviction – having the bravery to risk losing love and reputation, and leaving complacency behind, to pursue a lifelong dream.

Tess Merlin is an ex-police officer and writer. Her first novel RANK was written from her lived experiences as a policewoman and as someone with personal experience of the trauma of being stalked. She has written and published training resources during her earlier career as a trainer and facilitator and now also writes adult fiction and middle grade fiction. Tess is a mother of two and a keen linguist in French and Italian. She has a love of the English language, which she has taught in a variety of environments, to both adults and children. She has travelled extensively and lived in Italy and England, incorporating these experiences into her writing. She writes from the peaceful shores in Gubbi Gubbi country, where she pretends to be a farmer, with several chickens and an impressive veggie garden. She believes in continuously attempting new challenges – most recently fence building and knitting.

Hazel Barker took early retirement from teaching to follow her dream of writing. Her short story Hunger, published in the 2013 Redlitzer Anthology, was the beginning of her writing career.
She is a member of QWC. Hazel’s book, Chocolate Soldier. The Story of a Conchie was published by Rhiza Books in 2016. Both her memoirs, Heaven Tempers the Wind and The Sides of Heaven, were finalists in the CALEB Competitions of 2017 and 2019 respectively. Count Your Blessings. Colin’s Story, released by Armour Books in 2020, was also a finalist in the CALEB Competition, 2021. Her short stories have won awards and been published in anthologies. Her story, ‘Hope Springs Eternal’, won the Short Story Award in the Brisbane Book Fair Competition of 2021.
Hazel has given author-talks at local libraries and the local RSL Group, WeR1, a multi-cultural group and the View Club, who sponsor disadvantaged students.

Podcasting & Audiobook Panel
Saturday the 10th, 3:00pm

Join the Podcasting and Audiobook Panel to unlock the secrets of starting your own podcast. Gain expertise in podcast creation, equipment usage, and scriptwriting. Discover valuable insights from experienced podcasters on lessons they wished they had known when they embarked on their podcasting journey.

Angus started his career in radio at the age of 12 and completed the Advanced Diploma in Radio course from AFTRS in 2015. Now with 13 years industry experience you’ll find him working as a busy, in-demand voice over artist from his own studio and he’s excited to share what he has learned over the years.

Louise Wheatley is a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer, and video editor based at her recording studio, Wheatley Street Productions in Logan, Queensland. Her work with local and international artists across 14 years at Sony Music Studios in Sydney led to an ARIA nomination for Best Engineer. Louise attained a Bachelor of Music, Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and has since taught younger producers and audio engineers the art of capturing a great sound.
While based at Sony Music Studios, Louise worked on numerous productions of radio programs for national broadcast, radio and television commercials, television programs as well as interviews and vox pops for online content as well as promotional and marketing material. This work required sharp focus and efficient work output with quick turnarounds and pressing deadlines. With the vast experience of recording voice overs and interviews, through to the editing, processing and post-production of this recorded audio, Louise has expert knowledge in how to produce a Podcast with a professional sound and finish.
Furthermore, her ability to bring the best out of an artist is a combination of years of working with musicians and allowing them to be themselves whilst focusing on their strengths.
Whether recording a string quartet, acoustic guitar, rock drums or a unique voice, Louise knows how to capture the true sound of an instrument and voice. Her knowledge of acoustics, sound engineering and music theory all combine to realise an artist, ensemble or band’s vision for their recording.
Louise has written and arranged original music which has been performed in rock bands, musicals, children’s shows, advertising and for films and community collaborations. Her love of music and bringing people’s projects to life make her a sought-after producer with strong industry connections and lasting professional relationships.
Louise is engaged in teaching and coaching rock bands at Canterbury College Rock School. She also has strong connections with community and local council through her business, as well as her role in the executive board of Logan-based arts organisation Assorted Grains Inc.
Louise is a registered teacher for the Music Production course through RSL Awards. This course is part of the AMEB syllabus for the Rockschool program for contemporary arts.

Ky Garvey is a children’s author and podcaster. She has her first picture book Easy Peasy to be released in March 2023 through publisher EK Books. She is also the host of Totally Lit. A literary podcast which celebrates reading, writing and creating books and literature. Ky co-hosts the podcast Mother of a Podcast. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, two sons, two cats and her cavoodle. She loves pub trivia, roller skating and pinball. Although not all at the same time.


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